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What we do

* Bricklayers, also called Brick masons, lay building material such as brick, cinder block, glass block and terra cotta to construct or repair wall, partitions, arches and other structures.

* Tile setters apply tile to walls, floors, ceilings following design specification. They also install brick pavers.

* Pointer-Cleaners-Caulkers caulk and waterproof new buildings and restore existing buildings with weather proofing methods such as tuck pointing, washing and re-sealing and replacing old caulking.

* Marble Masons attach marble, granite and limestone to buildings with mechanical strut systems. They also lay marble and other stone flooring and walks.

* Stone Masons build stone structures, such as piers, walls and abutments. They also lay walks, curbstone and stone flooring.

* Terrazzo Workers level and grind a mixture of cement and marble chips to make beautiful, long lasting floors, walks and steps.

Tile, Marble, Terrazzo and Brick finishers supply the support for Tile setters, Marble Setters, Terrazzo Workers and Bricklayers.




For Bricklayers, Tile setters, Pointers-Cleaner-Caulkers, Marble Masons, Stone Masons and Terrazzo Workers. Each apprentice is required to complete 6,000 hours of on-the-job training. In addition, 144 hours per year of related training classes. This includes safety, First-aid, CPR and Blue print reading.


Minimum Qualifications
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Various classes are offered, ranging from new technology to First-Aid, CPR and Safety.

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